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Calvert Wright

Head Coach


West Coast Sonics

Calvert E. Wright is a coach in the summer league called the "Real Run". He is a man of many hats. He is a husband, father, Pastor, teacher and coach. Coach Wright has been coaching children and youth since 1994. Most of his coaching has been in basketball, however he's coached football and soccer many times. In football it was three years at Compton High and three years in Bellflower for the OCJAAC.In soccer it has been seventeen years as part of the Roosevelt Elementary after school sports program..Flag football is also part of the Roosevelt Elementary in Compton after school sports program. He's been doing this for twenty- three years. Coaching basketball has been two years at Locke High School, three years at Animo South Los Angeles High School, four years in the Drew League; thirteen years at Leuders Park in Compton, also include the years with the after school sports at Roosevelt Elementary. This makes twenty-three of coaching basketball. As a high school kid, Coach Wright fell in love with the game. He didn't go very far ,but played in the Drew League for five years. This was his consolation. Currently he is a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary , he runs the after school sports program and during the summer he coaches in the Real Run.

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